About Me

Hi, I’m Corbin “Slykuiper” Scott, a motion graphics designer and video editor residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

I found my love for visual arts in primary school, during my 3 year dual enrollment at the Old Donation Center (ODC) in Virginia Beach, with Brandon Middle School as my primary institution. It was at ODC visual arts program where I learned the elements and principles of art and developed a strong work ethic. My dual enrollment later in secondary school at the Advanced Technology Center - with Tallwood High School being my primary school - piqued my interest of creating visual art through digital mediums, mainly video editing and motion graphics.

I was introduced to video editing through a gaming forum, watching user created montages and being inspired to create my own. It was there that I collaborated with other artists of various craft, who broadened my skills by introducing me to different forms of video such as audio-reaction music videos and motion graphics.

From there I moved into the Call of Duty editing community, where I learned more about video editing. The importance of developing a storyboard, expressing mood through visuals and music, and post production skills. Motion tracking, visual effects, compositing, color correction, pacing, shot preparation, and the drive to develop my own movie making tools through software modification were all skills I developed that made my content stand out above others in the community.

Through my five years of experience, I’ve found my own style and sense of design whilst exploring various aspects of the video editing profession. The motion graphics industry is fun for me because I get to make the client’s vision a reality. From paper to pixels, I love the creative process of planning and developing ideas into a bigger picture.