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Jusmi, is an alias of one my closest friends, Albert Mast. He’s a talented music producer, mixer, and artist whose worked under a few different aliases in the past. Nowadays he produces under AlKaT, but before becoming JusmiMusic he was DaddyCat. We found eachother through the Toribash community and began making videos together; it gave me the opportunity to learn about audio reaction and creating music videos while giving him another platform to release his music on.

Hatemi - Terror

An animated music video created for Jusmi’s alias “hatemi”’s release entitled “Terror”.


Cutesy audio reaction video for Jusmi’s release titled “Luvmi”.


An emotional space audio reaction video for Jusmi’s release entitled “Glow”.

Self Like

Music video created for Jusmi’s release entitled “Self Like”.


Video produced for Jusmi’s chill track “17”.

Tonight Remix

Video produced for Jusmi’s remix titled “Tonight”.


Music video produced for Jusmi’s glitch hop track titled “Iruj”.


Music video produced for Jusmi’s progressive house release titled “Leaves”.

Hot Sauce

Music video produced for Jusmi’s Electro song entitled “Hot Sauce”.


Music video for Jusmi’s dubstep release “Cake” featuring Nori.


Early on I created some intros for him using the logos he designed.