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Streamlabs is a software company developing tools that enable streamers to turn their passion into a career. This is my ongoing attempt at organizing the wide variety of work I’ve done and am continuing to do at Streamlabs. There’s a mix of design (motion, graphic, web), art direction, data entry, and a whole lot of learning along the way. I’m forever thankful for the opportunity Streamlabs has given me to develop personally and professionally.

  1. The Beginning
  2. Library Genesis
  3. Art Director
  4. Creative Team
  5. Product Marketing

The Beginning

In August 2017, my first project for Streamlabs involved animating 16 existing icons for their website. We wanted to experiment with Bodymovin for this project, so I delivered the 16 animated icons, each with a day mode and night mode variant as .json (and .webm as a fallback option).

Library Genesis

With the development of Streamlabs OBS underway, Streamlabs was rapidly moving in an exciting direction. One core strategy for user acquisition was the Library - a page on the site where streamers can browse and install themes. A lot of streamers don’t have the design skills to make their own stream graphics, or the money to buy or commission a unique package. The Library currently offers over a thousand free themes to any Streamlabs OBS user, featuring a variety of design styles for every popular game genre.

Each Overlay Theme comes with numerous assets for a typical livestream - webcam frames, labels, chatbox frames, and ancillary graphics for Starting Soon, Be Right Back, Ending Soon, and Offline scenes. Widget Themes are themes that incorporate Streamlabs widgets made with a combination of front-end developement and/or graphic elements such as svgs, pngs, gifs, and webm animation.

At the start of the Library’s genesis, my role was to design, animate, package, and upload themes to the Library, as well as package and upload additional pre-made themes. Overlay Themes are typically designed in Photoshop, animated in After Effects, and delivered as webm or png. Deliverables are packaged into .overlays via Streamlabs OBS’ Editor and uploaded to the Library. Widget Themes can comprise of a single widget such as the Alert Box or multiple widgets following a cohesive design. Being a motion designer and not a web developer, my favorite widget to design for is the Alert Box - which mainly involves animating in After Effects, uploading through the Streamlabs Dashboard, and a light mix of custom html/css/js.

Art Director

In January 2018, Library production was in full swing and I worked alongside several other designers contributing themes weekly. In Mid-January I transitioned roles from designer to art director, overseeing content production on the Library. My responsibilities involved approving designs, packaging and uploading Library themes, managing designer invoices, and working with designers to develop new themes.

By August 2018, the Library reached over 3 million installations on our themes. The Library has by far the largest collection of free themes and is the go-to place for new and experienced streamers to get graphics for their stream. We established partnerships with several companies and platforms such as Magic: The Gathering Arena, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch Kittens to promote their products.

Creative Team

With Streamlabs developing several new tools and products, the Library was no longer a critical focus. At over 1000 themes to choose from, we offer plenty of variety to fit any streamer’s needs. However, not everyone wants to use a free theme that’s also used by thousands of others. Streamers are willing to pay for custom designs unique to them.

I switched roles from overseeing 10+ designers on the Library team and joined the internal Creative Team, working in a tight-knit group of specialised artists. Together we provided rebrands to the top streamers in the livestreaming industry.